MAX Cheat Zone

Army Men : Toys In Space


While playing, press BACKSPACE then type !throw me a frickin bone here to enable cheat codes. Then hit BACKSPACE again and enter the cheat codes


Cheat Codes
10 TNT !haunt haunt haunt!
20 Fly Swatters !harsh language
3 Air Attacks !heavenly glory
3 Baseballs !one time...
3 Napalm Air Strikes !this one goes to eleven
3 Paratroopers !johnny ricco
3 Recons !peep show
3 space trooper reinforcements !scotty
30 Mines !sprinkles
9 Blue Disguises !i woke up this morning
9 Gray Disguises !incognito
9 Tan Disguises !no sunblock
Bug Spray !henry
Display FPS !rate me
Drop Sarge's health to almost 0 !let me down
Enemy troops are zombies !halloween
Extinguish Sarge !disco is dead
Freeze everyone !oh behave
God Mode !captain scarlet
Hammer Mines !spiny norman
Heavy laser !hello neo
Invincibility !full monty
Invisibility !its dark
Reveal enemies on map !there is no spoon
Unlimited Air Attack !roody-pooh
Unlimited Health !florence
Win scenerio !cut to the chase







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