MAX Cheat Zone

Die Hard Trilogy

For Die Hard - Unlimited weapons
right, E, E, down fat mode right, up, down, down, E, right

For Die Hard with a Vengeance
O, X, O, E, L, X, D, L affects other cars once they are hit.

For Die Hard with a Vengeance - Unlimited lives
left, O, up, down, E, right

For Die Harder - Extra Missiles And Grenades

right, up, down, E change guns (repeat as necessary) right, up, down, E, E god mode right, E, left, O, A, down, E

For Die Harder
down, A, right, E - God mode
left, A, right, down - Keeps aim from automatically shifting down,
E, A, down - Skeleton mode

In any of the three games, hit Esc to pause the game. When the code is typed in correctly, the game should return to the game.





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