MAX Cheat Zone

Duke Nukem 3D

Type the following codes while playing:

     DNALLEN - Displays message "Buy Major Stryker"
     DNUNLOCK - Unlocks and opens all doors.
     DNCLIP - Walk through walls (It may crash).
     DNWEAPONS - All weapons and ammo.
     DNMONSTERS - Monster will disappear (if you're standing close to him).
     DNKEYS - All Keys.
     DNINVENTORY - Gives you keys guns, etc.
     DNDEATH - Kills all monsters dnlazers-you get monsters weapons.
     DNRATE - Displays frame rate.
     DNHYPER - Steroids dnpaintballs-you fire paintballs.
     DNCORNHOLIO - God Mode Toggle
     DNKROZ - God Mode Toggle
     DNCOSMO - Displays message "Register Cosmo Today!"
     DNSTUFF - All weapons, ammo, and key cards
     DNBETA - Displays message: Pirates Suck!
     DNSCOTTY#l - (Where # is the episode number and l is the level number)
     DNVIEW - Chase plane view
     DNCASHMAN - Makes Duke throw money when you press the space bar.
     DNITEMS - All items and key cards.
     DNFART - Make Duke Nukem fart.
     DNENDING - Last level.
     DNPLUTONIUM - Lot of atomic stuff.





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