MAX Cheat Zone

Empire Earth

During the game press 'Enter' and enter one of the codes from table below and then press 'Enter' again to activate the code.

     my name is methos - All resources and reveal map
     boston food sucks - Get 1000 food
     atm - Get 1000 gold
     you said wood - Get 1000 wood
     rock&roll - Get 1000 rock
     creatine - Get 1000 iron
     all your base are belong to us - Get 100,000 of everything
     the quotable patella - All Units Upgraded
     i have the power - Magic/Power to Full
     asus drivers - Reveal map
     somebody set up us the bomb - Win game
     ahhhcool - Lose game
     display cheat - Print all cheats to screen
     the big dig - Lose all resources
     boston rent - Lose all gold
     uh, smoke? - Lose all wood
     headshot - Remove all objects from map
     brainstorm - Fast Build
     columbus - See Fish and Animals
     friendly skies - Aircraft Flight Time Refilled
     slimfast - Lose All Food
     mine your own buisness - Lose All Stone
     girlyman - Lose All Iron
     coffee train - Restores Health of All Player Units






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