MAX Cheat Zone

Grand Theft Auto 2

Enter your name as one of the following to activate the corresponding cheat function. You may first have to enter your name as GOURANGA before other codes will work properly.

yakuzadeath - God Mode
rsjabber - God Mode
livelong - God Mode (Can Still Be Arrested)
blastboy - All Weapons
navarone - All Weapons
losefeds - No Police
desires - Maximum Wanted Level
highfive - 5x Multiplier
bigscore - 10 Million Points
beefcake - Increased Brutality
gorefest - Increased Gore
iamasucker - All Levels, Weapons; God Mode
coolboy - Increased Cash
muchcash - Increased Cash ($500000)
forallgt - All Weapons
godofgta - All Weapons and Ammo
bemeall - All Cities
ukgamer - All Cities
elvis is here - No Police
meatman - Hamster Runs Across Screen
itsallup - Level Select
no frills - Debug Basic Scripts
eatsoup - Free Shopping
wuggles - Display Coordinates
tumyfrog - All Bonus Levels
cutie1 - 99 Lives
buckfast - Riot Mode
hunsrus - Invisibility
arsestar - Keep All Weapons After Being Arrested
voltfest - Unlimited Electrical Gun
flameon - Unlimited Flame Gun
lasvegas - Elvis Clan People
nekkid - Naked People
cocktart - No point counter
danisgod - $200,000
iamdavej - $9 Million
hamster - All people look like hamster
mademan - Max respect
jailbait - Free from jail
schrulz - Damage 2X







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