MAX Cheat Zone

Rise Of Nations

Press ENTER during gameplay, then enter one of the cheats listed below to activate it:

     1000 more resources: cheat resource all+1000
     AI state: cheat ai (on, off or debug)
     Alliance with nation - cheat ally (nation name)
     Change explore: cheat explore (normal, explored, all)
     Defeat nation: cheat defeat (nation name)
     Deploy units: cheat deploy
     Drop nuke at pointer: cheat nuke
     Drop Wild Bird at pointer: cheat bird
     Encounter with nation: cheat meet (nation name)
     Finish building or next item: cheat finish
     Kill all selected objects: cheat die
     Make all players human: cheat sandbox
     Pack units: cheat pack
     Peace with nation: cheat peace (nation name)
     Put building at pointer: cheat insert (number)(type)(who=RED)(x,y)
     Put unit or building at pointer: cheat add (number)(type)(who=RED)(x,y)
     Put machine guns around human capitals: cheat safe
     Set difficulty: cheat diff (0-5)
     Show achievements: cheat achieve
     Show full map: cheat reveal (on or off)
     Toggle computer control off: cheat human (name)
     Toggle computer control on: cheat computer (name)
     Toggle pause: cheat pause (0 or 1)
     Turn encounter off with nation: cheat unmeet (nation name)
     Victory for nation: cheat victory (nation name)
     War with nation: cheat war (nation name)




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