MAX Cheat Zone

Unreal II: The Awakening

During gameplay press ~ to open the game console and then enter the following codes:

     BeMyMonkey() - Enable/Disable Cheat Mode
     God() - Toggle God Mode
     Invisible() - Toggle Invisibility
     Loaded() - Get all weapons
     AllAmmo() - Give player ammo for all weapons
     GodEx(X) - Toggle God Mode for the given actor
     Phoenix() - Toggle Phoenix Powersuit
     FearMe() - Enemy now fears you
     Ghost() - Ghost Mode
     Fly() - Fly Mode
     Amphibious() - Underwater mode
     Walk() - Normal, walking mode
     SloMo(#) - Game Slomotion
     SetJumpZ(#) - Set jump height
     ToggleInfiniteAmmo() - Toggle Infinite Ammo
     ToggleReloads() - Toggle Reloads
     ToggleInvisibility() - Toggle Invisibility
     Teleport() - Teleport to the spot the player is looking at
     NextLevel() - Skip to next level
     Open(x) - Open Map x
     ToggleSpeed() - Double speed
     SetSpeed(#) - Set player speed
     ChangeSize(#) - Change Players Size
     TogglePawnInvulnerability(P) - Toggle god mode on given pawn
     Goodies(#, #) - Summon an array of goodies
     Sum(x) - Summon Item X
     Actors() - Full actor list




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